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W.T. Rich Company is 100% committed to maintaining a safe, incident free work environment, not only for our own trades’ people, but for the general public as well.  Safety is the number one priority on all our projects.

W.T. Rich Company’s approach to safety includes the following:

  • A comprehensive safety program, documented in our company safety manual, communicated and shared with all employees and sub-contractors, and consistently enforced on job sites.
  • A dedicated safety officer for each project.
  • Weekly safety inspections, reports and follow-up.
  • Education of all on-site workers through weekly on-site safety meeting.
  • Compliance with all OSHA safety regulations, requirements and postings.
I have never worked with any firm that has all the qualities you demand of your employees and subcontractors. The Shattuck Boiler Renovation was one of the most difficult coordination projects that I have witnessed. Your strict adherence to schedule, budget, and workmanship along with personal concern for the project and attention to detail were remarkable. Your professional and eager involvement was essential to the successful completion of the project
- Robert Harvey,
Project Engineer, Division of Capital Asset Management
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital