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Park and Recreation Facilities

W.T. Rich Company has significant experience in completing Park and Recreation projects, including the following:

The Cambridge War Memorial project was the third opportunity I have had to work with W.T. Rich Company and they once again demonstrated their excellence and commitment. W.T. Rich is fair and reasonable; they help you get the mission accomplished, and they consistently demonstrate a team effort. They were professional, responsible and cooperative throughout the project. They don’t abuse or take advantage of the change order process. They never shrug their shoulders or have the attitude “that’s not my problem.” I’ve always felt that the entire W.T. Rich team continually strives to be going in the same direction of successful completion with the Client/Owner. Perhaps most importantly, they care. Job after job, their performance and the project results are consistently the same – outstanding. As a result, once again, a W.T. Rich-managed project was a huge success.
- Alan Burne, Owner's Project Manager
City Of Cambridge