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Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Boiler Replacement

The Shattuck Hospital required complete replacement of there existing boiler plant to achieve much needed operational efficiencies and enhanced performance reliability. W.T. Rich was hired as the General Contractor for the project under the stringent requirement that uninterrupted heat and hot water must be maintained throughout the entire construction period. In addition, it was essential that all construction debris, noise, dust and operations in general were managed in such a way so as not to disrupt hospital operations or patient care. W.T. Rich set up temporary boilers outside the facility to provide heat and hot water during construction. We demolished an exterior wall, demolished the old coal boilers and installed Two 800 HP Boilers and One 600 HP Boiler. The hospital did not miss one day of operation and the project was completed one month ahead of schedule.

Location: Jamaica Plain, MA
Duration: October 2001 to October 2002
Contract Value: $3,300,000
Type: Public – Renovation
Owner: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston, MA
Designer: Maguire Group, Inc., Foxborough, MA
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Boiler Replacement Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Boiler Replacement Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Boiler Replacement Lemuel Shattuck Hospital Boiler Replacement

I have never worked with any firm that has all the qualities you demand of your employees and subcontractors. The Shattuck Boiler Renovation was one of the most difficult coordination projects that I have witnessed. Your strict adherence to schedule, budget, and workmanship along with personal concern for the project and attention to detail were remarkable. Your professional and eager involvement was essential to the successful completion of the project
- Robert Harvey,
Project Engineer, Division of Capital Asset Management
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital